The Gospel-Centered Life

“We must cling to the gospel promise that God is pleased with us because he is pleased with Jesus. When we embrace the gospel in this way, seeing our sin is not scary or embarrassing. It actually leads to worship because Jesus has died for all of it, and it is liberating because we are no longer defined by it! Our righteousness is in Christ. The good news of the gospel is not that God makes much of us, but that God frees us to make much of Jesus.” (Robert Thune)


Living in one of the most post-Christian cities in the country, there has never been more of a need for the Gospel to take center stage. For this reason, we are partnering with Inspire Church to walk through Serge’s The Gospel-Centered Life. Twice a year, we devote nine-weeks towards studying and embracing the Gospel in all of life. If you are interested in signing up to attend our next “Gospel Connect” or serving as a table facilitator, use the form below:


If you have formerly partaken in “Gospel Connect,” you are eligible to sign up as a table facilitator. Since this course is heavily discussion driven (and less teaching driven), the role of table facilitators is essential. If you would like to lead as a table facilitator for our next Gospel Connect, please contact the pastor below: